The Sulochana Development Trust believes that it is not just funding but
collaboration, support and mentorship to social innovation that makes a difference to
our associate organizations and our development projects. We are putting together
different opportunities to provide support, mentorship and creative services that act as
resources for our projects and associate organizations.

The Board of Advisors under the trust consist of established professionals from
specific industry/ industries who offer their area of expertise as advice, feedback and
insight to associate organizations and individuals working on projects. This helps the
associate organizations/ individuals to get industry oriented inputs that are relevant and
updated for their development work.

Ryan J. Figuieredo – Social Development (Healthcare)
Ryan has significant consultancy experience as a health and nutrition expert in large health reform
projects both in rural and urban contexts in India. His strong educational background and diverse
professional experience has made him a strategic leader in his area of expertise. He has a strong
understanding of the impact of mobility, migration and poverty on healthcare issues and will offer
guidance to organizations from a broader domain of social innovation in healthcare.

Manu Neelkandhan – Retail
Manu has over a decade of professional experience with some of India's biggest retailers and retail
concepts overseen by him. His 'out of the box' approach, innovation for ideas and strong
implementation experience in retail reflects in his projects. A qualified architect, a retail strategist
with multi – disciplinary design experience, he offers social organizations insight and guidance
about the retail industry.

Anita Pathania – Lifestyle Product
Anita has a strong multi – disciplinary design experience with progressive design aesthetics in
Fashion, Furnishings, Lifestyle products, Eco – products and textiles. She has ventured and
mentored successful products from different industries like commercial brands(Levi Strauss,
Hidesign), boutique brands(Etcaetera Designs, Manora, Purple Orange, Ellen Allah),
Eco-products (Baya). Anita will offer design and strategy mentorship for products focused on
sustainability/ green/ organic concepts applied in apparel and lifestyle products.

Sapan Parekh – Education
Sapan has an extensive experience in training, marketing and curriculum development in the
education sector. He has a strong qualification and experience in international relations and
international conflict management, which he currently has implemented within projects aimed
at addressing education inequity. His experience in developing education programs that cuts
across regions, social, and economic segments in India has been a continual process.
Sapan will offer a holistic approach to education and its implementation to social organizations
associated with the trust.

Dr. Kunal Puri – Healthcare & Nutrition
Dr. Kunal, a graduate of clinical medicine has a keen interest in the application of clinical medicine
in the socially relevant health care initiatives in order to provide low cost, socially acceptable and
financially viable solutions to various challenges in the healthcare domain in India. He also works
towards an integrated approach involving various sectors like health, nutrition and education
towards providing a wholesome approach to the challenges in the healthcare sector.