Our Associate Organizations

Associate - Elaan

Elaan is a youth-led, city-based NGO focusing on awareness and prevention of sexual
exploitation and abuse of children. Initially started as a confidential platform as
well as support system for survivours of child sexual abuse and incest in 2001, Elaan is
currently the only youth run NGO in India to focus on the issue and advocates dialogue
and multimedia awareness material as its medium for communication. For children
and teenagers alike they have special modules called personal safety programs to help
understand the issue and assists survivours of abuse and incest to heal and deal with
the situation.


Associate - United Arts Society

United Arts Society is a bona fide registered NGO committed to the promotion of art
through education, workshops, events and art solutions. The organization has touched
lives of 7000 children and grown-ups so far in three major cities- Delhi, Bangalore and
Pune. UAS implements varied programs to address the critical needs of Schools,
Art Education Teachers, Parents and Students for a 360 degree, high quality Artistic
and Creative experience.