The Sulochana Development Trust believes in funding organizations on project basis for
stronger impact. Our approach differentiates us by:
1. Helps us to focus on multiple organizations for development work.
2. Gives us the flexibility to fund and monitor a diversity of project portfolio.
3. Helps us to closely monitoring projects and a wider impact across sectors.

Creative Impact Projects (CIP)

Creative impact projects are funded and supported by the trust where the objective is to
make social impact through one or medium of creative art or design as a solution. Based on
the budget and nature of the project, non – profit organizations or empaneled member can
pitch and implement the project. The project will be monitored and evaluated based on
the project objective, process and impact.
Creative Impact Projects can be self – initiated projects by associate organizations or
empaneled members funded by the trust.

Art Education Fund – CIP 1.0

The trust is associated with the company Antahkaran, Art customized for spaces, which
has established the art education fund under the trust. Antahkaran is donating a percentage
of its projects as fund for 'art education for under privileged children'; under the directive
of the trust.
Antahkaran has developed an art curriculum from the age group of 4 to 16 years children
which can be adopted by non – profit organizations that work exclusively with children
welfare, education or development. The art curriculum is based on modules and is designed
for a period of 2 years incorporating a multi – sensorial and holistic perspective towards art
as a medium of education and creativity for a child.
We are proud to announce our association and support to United Arts Society, an NGO that
is developing multi-disciplinary art programs to educate and facilitate creativity in children.

Collaborative Community – CIP 2.0

Under the Trust initiative, Collaborative Community as an independent project will offer
creative consultancy services like branding, strategy, multi – disciplinary design services to
NGO's, non – profit and for profit organizations in social sector.
Collaborative Community helps these organizations internally and externally, that need
visibility, branding, strong communication and marketing expertise to facilitate
stronger impact in their development work. A team of creative professionals from diverse
backgrounds in strategy and design will work together on project basis.

For details and our work in Collaborative Community,
Please refer our blog –