The Sulochana Development Trust believes in funding organizations on project basis for
stronger impact. Our approach differentiates us by:
1. Helps us to focus on multiple organizations for development work.
2. Gives us the flexibility to fund and monitor a diversity of project portfolio.
3. Helps us to closely monitoring projects and a wider impact across sectors.

Development Impact Projects (DIP)

Development Impact Projects are funded by the trust based on issue/ sector specific
projects that our associate organizations will work on. Based on the budget and nature
of the fund, NGO's and non – profit organizations from project relevant domains will be
invited to pitch and win the project. These projects will be solely run by the winning
organization and will present three phase presentations about the project progress to the
Trust board. At the end and after one year of the project completion, the associate
organization will document and submit an impact report of its project work.

Development Impact Projects can also be self – initiated projects by associate
organizations that could be funded by the trust.