Sulochana The development trust has been named in memory of Mrs. C.S. Sulochana, grandmother of Mr. Achyutha Sharma, director of the trust. Mrs Sulochana is a personal inspiration for compassion and positivity that has channeled Achyutha’s vision. The charitable trust is a dedication and in remembrance of her and she would be very proud of our work.

We are in the process of building our board of trustees. The trust will appoint trustees who come from varied background, bringing diversity and knowledge to our organization to realize our vision.

Achyutha SHarma

Achyutha Sharma

Achyutha, a brand, design and retail strategist, advocates a multi-disciplinary approach towards creative work. His passion for ideas, social responsibility and entrepreneurship has led him to focus on his vision of building a sustainable future. He intends to create a strong platform under the trust to support and foster initiatives which look at holistic development, and collaborate with organizations that can support new creative synergies.
Rama Sharma

Rama Sharma

Rama, is a multi-disciplinary creative artist who is a trained bharatnatyam dancer, Carnatic vocalist, Sanskrit scholar and a practicing established artist. She has been painting for the past three decades with various solo and group art exhibitions in India and abroad. Her passion, honesty and spontaneity to creative arts is an inspiration. She has been actively involved in art education, creative arts for children for the past decade. Rama has now established the first fund under the trust of art education for under-privileged children through her initiative, Antahkaran.
Rama Sharma

Archana Shastri

Archana is presently the head of department of Kaladarshana division of Indira Gandhi
National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) that are facilitating the dissemination of cultural
heritage through exhibitions, workshops, seminars and events. She studied BA and MA
in Fine arts from MSU Baroda and has held various art exhibitions, fellowships, grants
and awards at national and international platform. She has a rich and diverse experience
in Art and Design education, Theatre, research and publications. Archana has been the
chairperson of Fashion Design and then Fashion communication department in National
Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Delhi, and established sound design education
and academic streamlining during her tenure.
Rama Sharma

C. R. Sumanth

Sumanth is a design engineer in a technology firm. He is keen and passionate about
contributing to social development, particularly in the area of sustainable growth.
He strongly believes in using the creative arts as a medium to spread awareness and
bring about change, being a skilled sculptor himself.