Our core values summarize our vision and our approach in achieving social impact
through creative arts and design in India.

Creativity is not just what we imagine or do, it is how we live, work and shape our future.
India traditionally has built a lineage of cultural narratives, multi – disciplinary arts and
creativity yet lacks support to bring social change through creative arts.

Sulochana Development Trust looks at this opportunity to bring creative arts as a tool for
social change operating at a twin level of global trends and our cultural context.

The Trust differentiates its work by:
  1. Funding and nurturing non–profit organizations to achieve greater social impact
    through strategic and creative solutions.
  2. The trust will fund and support independent projects implemented by a team of
    empaneled members from diverse experience in creative arts and design.
  3. Supporting, training and mentorship programs for individuals and our associate
  4. Bringing organizations and individuals to align and integrate with our vision of
    creative economy in India.

India is following a development path that developed nations followed decades back,
hence a lack of local contextualization and ignorance of 'value creation' in our country.
To build a sustainable future that impacts our nation and the entire world, we need to
envision a 'creative economy'.

An economy that is built on
Creative ideas

Social relevance

Sustainable Ecology

Holistic economic development

Cultural preservation and contextualization